Broken Tiaras won Best Animated Series at Miami Web Fest 2016, Outstanding Achievement in Music at NYC Web Fest 2016, Best Animation at SoFlo WebFest 2016, &Best Animation at UK WebFest 2016. It was also nominated for best animation at Dublin WebFest 2016 and KWebFest 2016. Broken Tiaras is an official selection at Broad Humor Film Festival 2016 in Venice Beach, CA; New Jersey Film Festival 2016; Brooklyn WebFest 2016 and Vancouver WebFest 2017.

A cross between South Park and School House Rock, this award-winning animated comedy created by singer/songwriter Dorothy Wallace uses comedy and music to raise awareness about serious issues affecting kids and to help educate kids about difficult topics.

In this episode, The LadyBugs rescue little girls from a kids beauty pageant.





Created by: Dorothy Wallace
Written by: Dorothy Wallace
Directed by: Dorothy Wallace
Animated by: Dorothy Wallace
Original Music by Dorothy Wallace


Dorothy Wallace as The LadyBugs
Michael Ciulla as the TV Producer

Broken Tiaras (lyrics)
Words and music by Dorothy Wallace

Im just a little girl
I love to play with toys
I used to have a little world
Now my little worlds destroyed

They want to put me on display
Like an animal in a zoo
All I want to do is play
And be a normal kid like you

I dont want a pixy stick
No no
I dont want a spray tan
No no
I dont want to dance provocatively around a chair

Please release me TLC
Kids deserve their privacy
My Mom wants to be a reality celebrity on TV
But I just want to be free

We drove 300 miles to be
at a pageant in a shopping mall
I missed my friends birthday party
Now I dont care if I win at all

My Mommys in a bad mood
cause I forgot my dance routine
I bet she wouldnt even move
If she were on stage like me

I dont want hair spray
No no
I dont want blue eye shadow
No no
I dont want false eyelashes and poofy hair

Please release me TLC
Kids deserve their dignity
My Mom wants to be a reality celebrity on TV
But I just want to be free

Do you have a kid of your own that you love and take care of
Would you want her to be known as a contestant on toddlers and tiaras

Please release me TLC
Don’t ruin my childhood memories
My parents want to be reality celebrities on TV
But I just want to be me

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