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Screen With Us


South Florida Web Fest, Miami’s premiere web festival, seeks to support Emerging Artist with a focus on the budding filmmakers that wish to present their work to a larger audience. Three times a year, #SOFLOWEBFEST selects an emerging artist and screens their work among their peers, creates buzz worthy news, marketing and promotional experiences for the artist and a chance to beef up their cinematic resume. These artists are in the early stages of their career and do not have an established industry reputation. Submit here.

2017 Spring Emerging Artist: April 28th

Pride Called Worth

Drama, Season 1

A webseries that follows 4 college women on their journey to find their worth and creating healthy relationships in the 21st century.

Starring: Jhaneal Kelli Hector, Nothando Palesa Xulu, Jasmine Avery

Directed By: Marcus Wells

Written By: Jhaneal Kelli Hector & Nothando Palesa XuluNext Emerging Artist


Next Emerging Artist Screening: September 27th

It’s free to submit.

#SOFLOWEBFEST provides a 250 seat theater, 4k projector & cinematic screen, staff, reception and marketing support for your Emerging Artist Screening. Festival Director also works one-on-one with Emerging Artist to create a strategic plan for marketing and successful execution of their screening. ($2,000 Value)

If your series/film is selected #SOFLOWEBFEST sponsors 85% of your screening and production cost. The Emerging artist is responsible for the 15%. We invest a lot of time and resources in developing a high-quality event with our Emerging artist. This 15% fee lets us know that you have skin in the game and will take the production process seriously.

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SOFLOWEBFEST South Florida WebFest: Miami's premier web festival dedicated to non-traditional voices in cinema. Join us in Miami December 7th -10th as we bring the best of the web to Miami's largest art fair. Follow us: @soflowebfest